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eco parenting - growing greener children

eco parenting - growing greener children
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eco parenting - growing greener children

eco parenting.... the book - growing greener children

The essential guide to raising healthy, happy children to live lightly on the planet

‘The future of the human species is dependent on how we take care of our young. If we are to survive Eco parenting is not an option it is a necessity. Eco parenting practices as outlined in this book can help save the environment and curtail the current epidemic of lifestyle related chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, ADHD, asthma etc. while also ensuring that children and their parents live long, joyous and fulfilling lives.’

Professor Marc Cohen
MBBS(Hons), PhD(Elec Eng), PhD (TCM), BMedSc(Hons), FAMAC, FICAE
Professor of Complementary Medicine
School of Health Sciences, RMIT University

‘Eco Parenting - Growing Greener Children is beyond doubt amongst the most important and informative books ever written on nurturing healthy, happy and sustainable families. This easy to read book contains such valuable, interesting and well researched knowledge that I find it hard to imagine why every family isn't given a copy when they have their first child.’

Ryan Hamilton
Wholelife Santos, Byron Bay

A comprehensive resource for parents wanting to raise healthier, happier children. This informative book provides the information that you need to help your children and your family live a healthy balanced life.  The book is a message of hope - that by taking responsibility for the environments we create for our children - we can help parents and families regain control of their own health and well being.

Jane Hanckel has been researching parenting, health and education for over 25 years.  When Jane's youngest child developed serious eczema and asthma that was unable to be remedied by conventional therapies she educated herself on the importance of environment, diet, time in nature and developmentally appropriate education.   Combining this knowledge enabled Jane to be instrumental in remedying her child's eczema and asthma, creating a basis for their family's healthy and sustainable living. 

Jane is dedicated to helping children and families lead a healthier, happier and more rewarding way of life.  This book is a powerful tool to enable families to raise healthy and happy children.

"What an excellent book!  A boon for young parents wanting to do the best for their children but deprived of information"

Peter Thompson, film critic and reviewer

"It's a great resource for anyone wanting to get a handle on the toxic threats to children but importantly it has heaps of information on how to create healthy and green spaces for children that won't cost the earth."

Jo Immig, National Toxics Network

"This book helps provoke much needed questions about exposure to toxic chemicals, and provides the pathways to finding answers." 

Ray Moynihan, international author  "Sex, Lies and Pharmaceuticals" & "Selling Sickness"

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eco parenting matters membership

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eco parenting matters
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eco Parenting Matters

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  3. Create healthy nutritional ideas for you and your family

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