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Jane Hanckel and 'eco parenting' at 2012 - The Young Minds Conference, Sydney, Australia

2012 - The Young Minds Conference will be looking at key issues for young people such as mental health and wellbeing, developing positive qualities, impact of technology, social and emotional intelligence, positive education, meaning and purpose, secular ethics, parenting, diet, exercise and health. 

The conference will be held on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd June at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Sydney, Australia.  

Jane Hanckel, author of 'eco parenting – growing greener children' and Co-founder Inspired Education and Spirit of Childhood Foundation will present...

'Eco parenting: growing greener children'

on Thursday 21st June.

• How can parents help their children lead happier, healthier more rewarding lives?
• What effect are chemicals in the environment having on our children’s development? What can we do about it?
• Do violent video games and too much TV affect psychological development?
• How important is it to have time in nature?
• Building happier, more resilient families

Delegates from the caring professions such as teachers, doctors, mental health workers, social workers, nurses and youth workers are encouraged to attend.

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