About us

Jane Hanckel

Jane Hanckel is an author of the book series 'eco parenting' and co-founder of the Spirit of Childhood Foundation and Inspired Education (Inspir=Ed). She has developed an innovative education project which brings transformative and empowering educational processes to parents and children. She has a background in film production, communication and arts and with her partner established and ran a successful business in the U.K.

The 'eco parenting' book series arose out of Jane’s experience as a researcher and parent educator over the last seven years combined with her twenty-five years as a parent.

Jane became aware of many discrepancies between the information families received and the scientific research that indicates the necessity for action to protect children’s health and well being. Jane saw that families needed Information about the effect of the environment, diet and lifestyle to enable them to make more informed choices for their health.

Jane believes that parents love, attention and care combined with informed decisions about lifestyle choices can provide for best outcomes for children.

Derek Spice

It has become obvious to me that the future of humanity depends on giving parents the ability to make informed decisions about the nutrition, education and medical needs of their children which in turn gives those children the freedom to develop their own value systems and philosophies.  My generation (b. 1938) has seen a world hijacked by the commercial interests of large food and pharmaceutical companies who own enough of Government to ensure that “self regulation” rather than independent research is seen as adequate protection for the public at large.

I am glad that Eco Parenting and
Inspired Education are part of a worldwide movement bringing truly independent and well researched information to parents. I am deeply grateful to be part of the process.

The future of the world is in our hands.  It is our children and their progeny that will define it.  

Derek Spice